Live Edge, Black Walnut, and 100% Handmade.

Handmade Coffee Table from  Vermont Farm Table.

Handmade Coffee Table from Vermont Farm Table.

Woah, huh? We know, we get that alot.

This stunning coffee table is the product of a custom, collaborative design project with Vermont Farm Table. It sits directly in the front of our store. It's craftsmanship makes it very hard to miss and has drawn everyday customers, cabinet makers, and people in the city from out of town into the shop. We can't blame them. It makes a confident statement in it's softness, unique finish made from natural oil and wax, and careful attention to detail.

Vermont Farm Table never skimps on the details and defines what it means to be handmade in each and every one of their pieces. They specialize in reclaimed wood, mostly pine, oak and walnut. They particularly focus on salvaging pieces from old barns and trains stations for the character the pieces hold. The knowing that a piece had lived a past life and that life is being renewed in someones home, bar, or office is what it's about for them. The beauty in this particular piece made it that much more fun to style. Take a look at the gallery below on how we've styled this live edge coffee table with products right here in store. See something you like? Shop them here!

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Elizabeth Tobin