Valentine's Day Gift Guide

In the retail calendar year, holiday's mean a lot. Not only do they mean a lot of merchandising opportunity to bring different products to the forefront of the shop, but they also mean a lot of creative photography, styling, and planning! We're taking this Valentine's Day to heart. 

So, we've gathered a few gifts for the valentine in your life that will say ' I love you '. And mean it. 

1. Shells in Blush Pouch
2. Tri-Toned Triad Earrings
3. Rose Gold Cuff
4. Pink Leather Key Fob

It's hard to go wrong with pink when it comes to Valentine's Day. It's even harder to go wrong with a gift that adds a little sparkle. Our handpicked Colleen Mauer jewelry is sure to make a statement on any wrist or in any ear. Let your Valentine know just how much they shine in your life by giving them these unique Tri-Toned Tried Earrings or a minimal Rose Gold Cuff.

If jewelry isn't their thing, our Pink Leather Key Fob or Blush Shells Pouch are sure to catch their eye and bring a little added utility into their life.

1. 16 oz Hand Lotion
2. Waxed Canvas Pouch in Slate
3. Hunter Green Grid Lined Notebook
4. Black Lined Notepad
5. Heather Grey Felt Coasters

Through eye-catching design, any of these products will let your Valentine know just how much you notice them everyday. With notebooks designed with organization in mind, Appointed's Hunter Green Grid Lined Notebook or Black Lined Notepad can provide daily inspiration for anyone.

If you're looking for something that brings comfort into your Valentine's life, Peg & Awl's Waxed Canvas Pouch combines a durably soft, rustic feel. It's the perfect size for toiletries while traveling or a pencil case while sketching away from home. Graf-Lantz Heather Grey Felt Coasters bring a minimalist touch to any home. Super absorbent and aesthetically pleasing, they're a perfect pair for the craft beer lover in your life.  Finally, there's nothing more reassuring than using products that are natural and environmentally friendly and that's just what you can promise with the Further Hand Lotion.

Whatever gifts you choose to give to your Valentine, we hope we can bring a little heart into your Valentine's Day and every other day!

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