Apolis Cambridge Market Bag

We recently teamed up with Apolis, a company out of SOHO to customize a Cambridge Massachusetts Market Bag. Perfect for reuse, they are now exclusively here at SYD+SAM!

Once purchased, the Apolis Cambridge Market Bag will save you 10% whenever you shop with us. All you have to do is bring it in with you when you come back to visit!

We're delighted with the quality of the bags, the story behind how they are made and of course, the leather detail. Most of all we are please to share them with our community! Read about Apolis and their commitment to sustainability below!


Watch the video below, highlighting the model of the Apolis industry and how it is proudly transforming a small community in northern Bangakdesh.

Apolis for newsletter.jpg

So what are you waiting for…. stop in and pick up your Cambridge MA Market Bag! 

Elizabeth Tobin