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It’s no secret that here at SYD+SAM we love and appreciate all works of art. And accessibility has been our goal since the beginning of this dream we created in opening SYD+SAM. Not only do we bring a curated designers lens to a storefront but we source the best of local artists to help truly complete the spaces in your house and on your walls. We pride ourselves in our relationships with our local artists and work with them on a commission basis so that you are not only supporting a small business, but you’re supporting a local artist. Want to hear more of their stories?

Read more about each the artists on our shelves below!

Julia Blake

Wellesley, Massachusetts

Inspired by everyday life she uses vivid colors, high contrast, bold strokes and metaphor to create aesthetic and meaningful works. A mom of six and art advocate, Julia Blake uses metaphor through her work to express life’s everyday struggles and allow color to offer a sense of joy. Brand new work can be found in store and soon to online!

  • All paintings are framed in hand crafted wooden gold or silver frames

  • Framed paintings vary in size from 11” x 13'“ to 14” x 14” *unframed series also available.

  • Starting at $250.00

Gayle Harismowich

Waterdown, Ontario, Canada

This Series of tone on tone drawings is made up of playful shapes and images composed on restored paper. Gayle is a Canadian based artist working for a large artist production studio where she specializes in creating limited print editions of her works. Shop some of her restoration paper series here!

  • Framed in a delicate silver mottled profile.

  • Outside Dimensions: 13” x 17"

  • $193.75 each

Priscilla Hayes

Boston, Massachusetts

Priscilla has created the series "Painted Prayers" composed of abstract works that tribute to the hope and beauty within the human spirit. Priscilla is a close family friend of store owner, Emily and has had works hanging on our walls since the doors here at SYD+SAM opened back in 2015. You can find a variety of Priscilla’s framed series and large paintings hanging in our shop or at our online art gallery.

  • Framed series of gouache paintings on paper.

  • Square white frames available in three sizes - 13” x 13” , 14” x 14”, 15” x 15”

  • Starting at $250.00

Jeanette O’Connor

Newtonville, Massachusetts

Jeanette is a collage artist who seeks everyday treasures as her chosen medium, she creates unique compositions on repurposed surfaces with repurposed materials. Her artistic process consists of gathering found objects, water coloring and composing the materials together into a unique and one of a kind piece.

  • Framed with custom and archival materials to match each individual work.

  • Works vary in size.

  • Starting at $725.00

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