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Pinney Designs  Nantucket Project, Photo by Jessica Delaney

Pinney Designs Nantucket Project, Photo by Jessica Delaney

There’s no denying that winter can be hard. Shorter days, colder nights and spring can feel so far away after the holiday buzz. But, all is not lost. Longer days at home mean it is the perfect time to focus on your space. So whether it’s tackling interior projects you’ve been meaning to all year or simply sprucing up the common areas, let us help you get inspired to make some changes. We’ve gathered a few of our store favorites to help you find perfect pieces for your home just in time for spring. Take a look at the collections and tips below and follow us on instagram for more style favorites!

Leave A Light On


During the days when it gets dark at 4pm and it feels like we rarely see the sun, I find that lamp light gives me the cozy interior vibes I’m looking for. It’s romantic, easy on the eyes, and not overbearing when you’re tired and watching TV or just popping into the room to get something and need a little light.

Choosing the right lamp that fits your space, style and your needs is important. If you have accents of antique brass in your picture frames or on the hardware throughout your living room, add in similar tones with an antique brass Swing Lamp or a Charlton Desk or Floor Lamp to accentuate those metals. Lighting is so diverse now with dimmer options, two-way switches and even custom wiring that there’s certainly an option out there that’ll fit your purpose or energy needs.


Put A Throw On It

throw padron.jpg

Ever walk into a room and just feel like something is missing? So often, we get customers who show us pictures of their space and cant quite put their finger on what it is. Often times, it’s the simple pop of color a throw adds that does the trick. So whether its intended for the sofa, the foot of your bed, or that lonely chair in the corner a textured, a colorful throw will certainly bring some excitement to your space. Not to mention, who doesn’t love to bundle up when you get home after an adventurous day outside! Browse through our selection of cotton blend and lambswool throws here!


The Power of a Rug


They say a rug is the glue of a room. Meaning, it’s the cornerstone textile that brings everything else together in a space. In the design process, it’s common to start from the rug up. Rug choice effects window treatment options, pillow selections, and upholstery decisions. To make a space feel whole, you simply cant plan one without the other. They are even a great accent to beautiful hardwood floors if sized and placed right. If you’re a busy young family prone to spills or pet traffic, material is key.

We work with a few trust vendors to keep our exclusive selection full of all the things a good rug provides: pattern, purpose, and play! So don’t be shy. Layer two rugs with differing materials, go for a bright color if you have more neutral furniture but most importantly have fun with your choice! Let us help.


Pillow Play


Since we first opened in 2015, we’ve been designing custom pillows from hand selected fabrics. This accessory piece has also been a key piece of our business model and certainly our favorite styling tool. Instagram hasn’t been shy about promoting the mixed pattern pillow trend and I just love when well curated scheme sits proudly on an awesome sofa. Pillows are an affordable, non committal, styling tool that can really transform the comfiest space in your place.

Pick out some pillow patterns that are playful as well as some that are neutral to ground your space all while adding a bit of spice. When selecting pillows, pick out a textile that makes you swoon!

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